Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diversity video mentions FTR

As it has probably become painfully obvious, I am a very visual person so I love connecting people to ideas via multimedia... somehow art, music, videos, movies, etc. always help me understand a new concept or idea much faster than if I just read it in plain text.

Don't get me wrong- text is good. I love text! I love reading! I love reading text in all its forms- paper, codices, digital, textiles, papyrus, on the side of buildings, you name it! However, I also love the notion of approaching knowledge from a variety of angles in order to reinforce the message and encourage a deeper connection and understanding.

In a former life, I was an art historian. Now I plan to connect my past and present interests (and degrees!) in a future of art librarianship... go figure on my pedagogical tendencies, eh...?! :)

Where am I going with all this, you might be asking yourself right now...?

Really, I was trying to find an excuse or reason to post a link to a silly yet very cute song I found written and performed by a librarian (who is also an ALA Spectrum Scholar! Yeah, girl!). In it, she mentions the many duties and principles a librarian must or should uphold, including the Freedom to Read...

Here it is: The Librarian's Song!!!

p.s. I would also like to add that part of my support for maintaining intellectual freedom is due to my love for visual arts. The visual arts can sometimes be a touchy subject because works can be easily misunderstood at times and prone to controversy due to different interpretations and boundaries...

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